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(Archived) Evernote backup

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How can I backup my notebooks from Evernote as text/html/xml files that I can use it on another apps or my pernonal wiki's?

Is it possible to restore the notes after I backed up?

Hi. Welcome to the forums!

There are a number of options available for backups (I recommend Time Machine if you are on a Mac), but I think what you are asking about is exporting your data. The main method for your aims (use in a personal wiki) is probably exporting as html. Just select a note and export. The original note remains safe and sound inside your Evernote account. Does this answer your question?

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Thanks for your reply. I am not seeing anything like export option on my notes. Can you please more specific?

Note: I am using through web url and Andriod only,

Export is only available on Mac or Windows desktop clients.

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In case you are using Win or Mac,

go to the note header (List View), >> right click >> Export note >> Export as Enex file

Same procedure is for whole notebooks. But be aware that you may export lots of notes if there are many in your notebook.

Good luck.


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