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(Archived) Search for notes with only one tag

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Does anyone have an idea what syntax I should use to construct a search which finds all notes with only one tag, please? Finding those with no tags is easy, but I can't work out what operators to use to countg the number of tags, rather than their content.

All suggestions received with gratitude

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Hi - welcome to the Forum. Can't think of a syntax to generate a list of all those notes with only one tag for tag = anytag. Can only suggest that (depending on the number of tags) selecting each tag in turn and clicking on the 'tags' heading in list view will sort the list with single tags at the top. You could then add another tag to those notes (kind of a contradiction in terms, but stick with me..) even if it's just <1tag>. Go on to the next tag. Once you've finished all your tags, lookup '1tag' and there are all your notes in one list. Do with it as you will, but take the 1tag tag off when the note's condition changes. You may also need coffee for this.

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The search syntax does not support tag count. Can't do what you are asking for at this time.

Need to use workaround such as that suggested by Gaz. If you are using the Windows client you can speed up the tag assignment by multi-selecting the notes and using Assign Tags (Ctrl+Alt+T).

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