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(Archived) Premium Priority Support?

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Wed or Thurs last week I sent in a support ticket with a couple of simple questions, no answer....

I thought the Premium account had proirity support?

"Top priority support, plus live chat"

How soon will you be replying?


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Did you get an email with a ticket number? If not, your ticket did not go through - if you did, post it in here and we'll see if we can get the attention of an Evernote support type person.

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TIP: Just like in this forum, when I submit a support request, I try to limit the issue to a single topic.

If you did not get a response on the billing subject, just send them a reply using their original response.

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looks like I had a reply on Saturday..... however, only my first question has be addressed, the second one about billing has no reply.

Hi QDos--looked into the ticket and I don't see anything about billing info--could you resubmit with your billing question?

Ans as an aside, JBenson is correct: in instances where tickets are dealing with multiple issues across clients or additional billing or account questions, we prefer these be separate because it helps with routing to the correct individual, which then speeds up the resolution process. Exceptions would include similar issues spread across clients, like a sync issue that is happening on both Android and Mac, for example.

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