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Formatting - Spacing between lines

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Hi there, I hope someone could help me on this. Strangely on this forum, I was not able to 'search' for formatting, simply because I don't see a 'search' dialog box. Only the 'Google site search' is available.

Anyway, after typing in 40 lines of texts, they look like a big chunk of cake. Can someone please direct me on how to space them out between paragraphs, especially after the 'hard enters'? I have attached a screenshot.

Thank you.



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Looks like you are using a numbered list? If so, you can't leave blank lines without restarting the numbering.

Google site search searches this site, searching for 'formatting' returns 3,160 results.

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Thanks for the reply. I am not using the numbered list. Those numbers are keyed in manually. I just like to have spaces between the lines. In the graphics attached, each line is entered with a hard enter, and I don't find any 'spacing' function around.

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Please excuse this extremely clumsy temporary solution, but here's what I do

- go to the beginning of each line

- type in a character such as a '.' full stop / period

- change the font size to something like 18 or 24

- change the colour to white (now you can't see it)

- copy the character

- past it at the beginning of every single line to want to increase the line spacing for

Now you have beautiful, easy-to-read text on your note.

Hopefully Evernote will get their act together and offer us a more elegant solution.

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Unfortunately this feature doesn't exist - like it does in every Windows and Mac productivity application.  I don't think I would have switched from Microsoft OneNote if I had realized this limitation.

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I can't take evernote seriously if they can't even offer this functionality. 


I want to take notes for meetings, articles and ideas, but I want to be able to set the line spacing to 1.5 so that its easier to read. 

I just can't believe that this is not possible 

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I needed to break up a web-based research project in to pieces that were easily accessible.  As I transferred the work I had already done into Evernote, I realized that not being able to set the line spacing in a paragraph, and especially, the space between bullet items and paragraphs was a deal breaker.  It made the data very unreadable and inaccessible.  This is a very basic capability that really needs to be there.

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To leave gap between successive lines, follow this -

  1. Press enter from a line a (for example) and it goes to line b. (Note: No space between lines a and b
  2. Now from line a, press (shift+enter) and this action creates a blank space between lines a and b.
  3. Return back to line a and press backspace. 


Finally a blank space is created between the lines a and b. 

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This is still a problem (yes, 4 years later). Absolutely ridiculous.

Anyways, I've found that this works most of the time:

  1. Select all text in the note (⌘A)
  2. Format as a list (⇧⌘U)
  3. Remove list formatting (⇧⌘U)

Good luck!

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@escapist - thanks for the hint; but on my Evernote-clipper imported web snippets, that trick doesn't work :-(

So overall: No way to fix line spacing issues in Evernote on OSX - now five years later...

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I've used Evernote for many years and it still shocks me that I need to spend so much time on basic formatting. Evernote folks can you please respond to this note. This is the kind of functionality that seems to be in any basic document application. 

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In Evernote for Mac client, a simple workaround is to temporarily paste the text block (copied from a web page) into Word or another text editor.  Then copy/paste it into Evernote.  It's also possible to make more advanced adjustments to line space, etc. at this intermediate stopping point.  Practically, this is very efficient and fast.  Until a recent upgrade, Outlook for Mac couldn't deal with pasted text and imported pictures without amazing workarounds, so Evernote is not alone in having struggles with this. Must be more complex than it seems like it should be.

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