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  1. I too have been waiting for this feature. I've used Evernote for a long, long, long time. I started migrating to DevonThink at one point, but lost interest/energy halfway through. I have no love left for Evernote. I'm still here because it's hard to leave. I feel I'm in an abusive relationship, not to downplay an ACTUAL abusive relationship. In brief, Evernote doesn't give a flying sh*t what its users want/need. End of story.
  2. Guess what? I AM SHOUTING! AND DON'T MAN 'SPLAIN ME ABOUT THE INTERNET, I'm fully aware of what my usage means. And if we're doling out typography advice, please don't insert 2 spaces between your sentences, that's a moldy leftover of mono-space typewriter days. And I will believe that Evernote has any interest in anything about its users other than their subscription $$ when...well, based on past experience, pretty much never. This feature request thread is SEVEN YEARS OLD! Evernote was once one of my favorite tools, I've been using it pretty much from the start. Now it just pisses me off at least once every time I use it. This particular thing —NO FIND AND REPLACE— is, again, TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.
  4. This is a serious problem and honestly, to let a bug this huge go unaddressed for a week is really dodgy. This needs to be fixed pronto, people.
  5. Evernote is turning into Google. They know what's best for us and our input is not valued. Basecamp took the same path with their internal directive: "ignore user input." Love is a powerful thing, and something Evernote had from me. Now it's just a tool, and tools are replaceable. Love is forever, at least for me.
  6. Whelp, there you go. Ok, my bad. They did tell us. But they still deleted an important feature with no explanation. And they still told terryjbenzie to come here to complain about it, the place where user issues apparently come to die. And not for nothing, I'm still pissed about Evernote Food being discontinued. And finally, still really smarting from the end of the Direct Image URL/copy shared URL feature which used to be a significant part of my workflow for digital QA. I still use Evernote, but I do not have warm fuzzy feelings for the company behind it anymore.
  7. I don't disagree and tend to follow that same rule of thumb regarding updates, but honestly I would never in a thousand years have expected a feature to be removed in this manner. It's kind of dumbfounding, honestly. Perhaps Evernote could have flagged the update regarding the features that would no longer be available, v. promoting new ones that no one asked for. Or perhaps they could chime in here and explain the rationale or do ANYTHING to acknowledge the issue.
  8. I find it extremely troubling that Evernote would so cavalierly remove a feature so vital to so many people, provide them a venue to voice their displeasure, and then completely ignore the expression of this displeasure. Not a single reply to 79 notes. This is the opposite of remembering what made you famous/taking care of your most ardent users. Shame, shame, shame.
  9. Concur. Would be lovely to see a response from the once responsive, increasingly silent Evernote.
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