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(Archived) Moving files to the folders eats up the usage?

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Hi and welcome to the Forums. It's normal for Evernote to count any changes to a note against your upload score, even if it is just changing notebooks. That does seem unfair - any comments guys?

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I just moved around some files from inbox to the other folders, and the usage meter shows as if I uploaded new files. Is this normal case?

Hi. Welcome to the forums!

On the face of it, this sounds odd. I move things around all the time, and with about 13GB of notes, I'd eat up more than a year's worth of usage each month if that were the case. In fact, I just moved a 46.8MB note from one folder to another with no change in usage.

Could you explain what you mean by "inbox"? Did you move from a local to a synced notebook?

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Guest mrossk

When you move whole notes between online-notebooks then your upload allowance is not affected.

When you move attachments between notes then every moving of an attachment costs you the amount of the attachment.

When namjooda ist speaking from "files" he seems to mean attachments.


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Moving notes from one notebook to another should not have any effect on the upload quota. I just double checked and saw zero change.


Another possibility is moving notes back and forth from a local non-sync'd notebook to a sync'd notebook. That will affect the monthly quota.

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Thanks for the welcoming and replies.

My 'Inbox' is renamed for the notebook folder where all the clippings are landed for the first time thus synced one. My cycle was restarted yesterday, and I uploaded synced all the clippings files I needed the day before. It still shows I used 9mb although I uploaded just couple of clippings yesterday.

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