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(Archived) Create/edit encrypted notes on Android


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Inability to create/edit encrypted notes on Android is keeping me from upgrading to a premium account. Even if this was added, Evernote's encryption implementation would still suck. Only text within a note can be encrypted, not the entire note (e.g. embedded pictures) and the encryption password is per note not per notebook. Please consider adding real encryption capabilities including: strong encryption, not 64-bit RC2; per-notebook passwords and encrypted notebooks; encrypted notes, not just encrypted text w/in a note; ability to encrypt/decrypt across all platforms; and easy export of encrypted data (current Mac client does not decrypt notes when exporting).

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Yes, this has been discussed a lot. AFAIK, there is no encryption on any devices - only the desktop clients & web version (I think.) More extensive encryption of data (notebooks, images, etc) is probably pretty low on the priority list (if on the list at all), since EN is not trying to be a password/secure document manager. EN's focus is collecting/organizing & retrieving information. If that information is truly encrypted, there is no way EN can index or even OCR those notes b/c EN would not have access to the encryption password.

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I also miss encryption option for whole note or notebook big time - the way to walk around that - I use MSWord encrypted file (docx not doc due to stronger encryption) attached to the note + Officesuite Pro for android that can handle encrypted docx. For viewing notes created on PC it works well.

The issue is if you want to edit the note on the phone and save it back to Evernote - there is no automatic way. I simply send edited file back to Evernote and create new note with encrypted attachment. At the same time old note is kind of backup in any case. Somewhat cumbersome but works for me. For searching purposes I add unencrypted text to the note with attachment. Works for me - until Evernote adds encryption for the whole note or for notebooks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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