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  1. Thanks koen! This was a perfect start to modify for me needs. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I too think this feature (being able to exclude a notebook from search, by default) would be very useful. Yes, a negative tag works but is kludgy. There are good use cases as others here have pointed out for excluding an "archive" notebook from ordinary searches.
  3. Inability to create/edit encrypted notes on Android is keeping me from upgrading to a premium account. Even if this was added, Evernote's encryption implementation would still suck. Only text within a note can be encrypted, not the entire note (e.g. embedded pictures) and the encryption password is per note not per notebook. Please consider adding real encryption capabilities including: strong encryption, not 64-bit RC2; per-notebook passwords and encrypted notebooks; encrypted notes, not just encrypted text w/in a note; ability to encrypt/decrypt across all platforms; and easy export of encrypted data (current Mac client does not decrypt notes when exporting).
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