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(Archived) REQUEST: "Open Evernote" in the menu bar



I think there should one more menu in top menubar, OPEN EVERNOTE. I really miss this link/option.

MODERATOR EDIT: Please use the web interface editor to upload images. I think you tried to copy/paste it into this editor and that is why you got the WebKit error. Alternatively, provide a link to the .tiff file you are trying to show us. Also, you may want to explain a little more about your request, because it is a little unclear.

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If I understand correctly, Surendra wants to be able to have an "open evernote" option in the drop down menu when you have the evernote icon in the menu bar.

Personally, I never use the menu bar (disabled it), but I guess some people might like it.

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yes, this would be a great feature. As far as I am concerned, I use the menubar quite often because my dock is quite full and it is not available in full screen mode.


Please see the screenshot (attached file) to see what is meant. Maybe you could consider that in your next release.


Kind regards,





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