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  1. If you're able to use tables (which don't work well in mobile versions) then you can have one column for first name, and the second for last name. For some reason you can't copy a table from Evernote into Excel and keep the tables separate, but I found that if you copy it into Word FIRST and THEN into Excel that it works for some reason. Again, this wouldn't work so well for mobile devices so I would just have it start in an Excel file to begin with, but that's just me. Hope that helps. -Travis
  2. I love all of the suggestions you made, though I can see why they would choose to leave it all up to the built in apple system. Also - regarding the hyperlink button, you do know that "command"+K adds a hyperlink to the selected text, right? I prefer keyboard shortcuts (even to the point where I make keyboard shortcuts on my favorite's bar, and opening and closing the side panel which requires some other apps because Evernote doesn't suppose shortcuts to those). Just a thought on the last one, I don't know any work arounds for your other suggestions though.
  3. I didn't know that Clearly could do that. I'll check it out.
  4. I'd suggest clipping all of the notes separately and then merging the notes in Evernote (make sure the top one is the one that you want the main new note title to be and for it to show first in the three). There's no other way to do it that I know of.
  5. Hey MG, You are able to change your username if you have a premium account. However, you can export your notes. If you go to each notebook and select all notes then you can go to "File" and then "Export Note to Archive" (that's the mac version, I don't know the menu bar structure for windows, but I know it can do this as well). It'll give you options to preserve tags, etc (which you'll want to do), and the you can just create a notebook with the same name and import the file that you got when you exported the notes. Something to note though: all of these notes will have to "re-sync" to the cloud which means your monthly upload limit will skyrocket (and will probably max out assuming you've used Evernote for more than a few months). Because of that issue with importing so many notes at once, you might want to consider buying premium for one month simply for the ability to change your username that month. Also - in response to your comment of allowing users to change their name: It's actually fairly common for a service to not allow this feature (or to charge for it) because it tents to make the service unstable if too many people begin trying to change their username (I ran into this recently with YouVersion). I hope that helps.
  6. It's always worked for me, so I'm not sure what's wrong in your case. Could it be the way you write out the phone numbers? Do you use periods to separate the numbers or some other format that might not be recognized? I use it all the time for phone numbers and addresses.
  7. Yeah, it probably wouldn't work. I don't know much about that app and couldn't find useful info on their site.
  8. Gotcha. In that case, you could use the Evernote web-clipper. If you highlight just the picture you want and then clip the webpage you should be able to have it only clip the highlighted section (the picture, etc) and it will keep the source url. Did any of these things work out for you?
  9. In order to simply share a notebook, no you do not need a premium account involved. In order to share a notebook that others can EDIT then the person who is sharing the notebook needs to be a premium member (not the people he is sharing it with). Does that help?
  10. My assumption was that the problem wasn't it being too big of file size for it to fit into a note, but that they just didn't want the file size to be as big as it is.
  11. I agree that there weren't many - but note links are working on my phone again! :-) That was a killer for me to have to use Evernote without note links for a while.
  12. Are you using the Evernote clipper or an app like skitch? If you're using skitch then you could just lower the quality of the jpg if that's the file type you prefer. You could also make an automator workflow that would shrink any images that enter a specific folder (or have it be a service, etc). I have a workflow template I could give you, however, that only helps if you're not using the Evernote screenshot - if you are using that (so it directly goes in a note) I can't think of anything you can do besides lower your resolution (which would be lame).
  13. If I understand correctly, Surendra wants to be able to have an "open evernote" option in the drop down menu when you have the evernote icon in the menu bar. Personally, I never use the menu bar (disabled it), but I guess some people might like it.
  14. Thanks for the compliment! I am still pretty new to Evernote. I don't understand what you are saying in the above quoted segment! Can you elaborate??? I think what he meant was that you CANNOT show/hide events. This is something that I think Google calendar and others offer. Basically, for stuff related to work and gibberish to others you might "hide" it, and for personal stuff your wife ought to see, you "show" it. Obviously, your various assignations can be hidden this way too Yeah, exactly. Thanks for the typo catch. :-) I also deal a lot with others where I need to share calendars so it's a bummer that this method wouldn't be able to share some calendar info and not other info - unless you made multiple notes for the same month with each one covering a different area of life (work, home, etc) - but that would get difficult as it would be easy to double book yourself. :-)
  15. Welcome to the forms. For a first post you definitely brought a lot to the table. That's a very interesting idea. It has a serious amount of prepping involved, but it does look pretty cool. The only bummer (and there's nothing that can be done about it) is that you can show/hide "events" based on work, home, etc. Nor can you share specifics with others. That was very creative though, I've used similar calendars before, but have never linked them together so each month would be so integrated. Great job! :-)
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