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(Archived) QUESTION: Activate multiple premium codes at once or wait? [ANSWERED]

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I've received several premium codes and am wondering if I can just activate them all today (will the time period just add up?) or should I wait until one period has ended and to activate the next? Thanks!

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I'd imagine that, like most promotions that are meant to entice you into paying for a service, you only get one crack at this; so one at a time or all at once is probably all the same. You'd presumably see that in the small print of whatever you got these from. If the SP isn't available you could try adding just two codes to see whether the time adds up. If that doesn't work, try your 3rd code when the first one (or two) expires. If that doesn't work, you'll know that either 1) this really is a one-to-a-customer-deal, or 2) since you raised this on a public forum, someone from the Marketing Department just did a retroactive refit on premium codes in general to make them OTACDs. :D

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