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(Archived) TIP: How Sharing Works - June 2012

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There are so many questions in the forum about how to share notebooks, and so little specific information around, that I spent a while trying to condense what (I think) I know about sharing into one spot. It's highly possible that I got something important wrong, or I left out some pertinent detail, so please feel free to correct any part of this. Evernote of course will launch some updates in the next few days that will blow this information out of the water, but that's life. Until that happens I'm just going to refer all "how do I share something with my second cousin" queries to this list...

How Sharing Works – June 2012


* Even where the security of the note is minimal, the content can still be protected by encryption and/ or password protection if required.

** Sharees can modify the
content of notes
, but cannot add or delete notes or notebooks, move notes (copy is possible) or change stacks.

Sharees cannot add or change tags or stacks but can tag/ untag notes with existing tags.

Any uploads affect the notebook owner’s monthly allowance.

In all cases tags will currently display to sharees as one list – no stacking.

In all cases sharing suffers from “sync delay” – new information will not show up in a note until the person editing it has synced their notebook with the server, and the viewer (unless viewing online) has also synced. With more than two persons allowed to Modify content, this will almost certainly result in a “conflicting edits” notebook containing changes made on different version of the same note.

Evernote is said to be developing an Enterprise version that will include enhanced collaboration, but we have no details, confirmation or release date.

The current version of Evernote is primarily a personal tool designed to share some information with others. It is not designed for real-time collaboration.

If you wish to share files and allow real-time editing there are numerous solutions available from Dropbox and Google Drive to Wikis, Google Docs and other online work share options and bespoke software. If you wish to use Evernote as part of that procedure, start small and test things out as you go – the experience of sharing varies with different clients, and modifying notes is considerably less easy via mobile clients.

The comments on modifying here all apply fully to desktop clients, less so to mobile ones.

Remember: it’s possible to share two ways – if everyone has a Premium account and shares a notebook with everyone else, changes can be made to a document in a personal notebook and shared around without conflict.

(Notes can be copied from a shared notebook into a local ‘owned’ notebook and are then fully modifiable)

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Hi and thanks for posting. I'm still fairly new to Evernote and have a specific question about sharing a single note, rather than a notebook. I've had an organisation roster shared with me as a note (via email) - the idea is that the creator will update the roster and I can see the changes. However even though the spreadsheet in the original note has been updated, when I open the note (and this is true regardless of whether I open it on my laptop (Windows 7), iPhone or iPad) it is still the same as when it was originally shared with me. Neither of us has a Premium account and only the originator will ever update the roster. Am I missing something somewhere?

Any suggestions/hints will be welcomed.


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