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Can you make password lockable notebooks?

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I understand you have encrypted items in the notes but is it possible to have password open notebooks?

I dont know if anyone would find this useful but it could be for storing very private notes (any type) and not so much text items that are secret. The non syncing notebooks are close to this but still available to see when the program is opened.

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This is definitely a requested feature by many people, and it is something that could be added in the future. At present, the workaround is to set your default notebook to one that contains your "public" notes, and have all your private notes in a different notebook. That way, whenever you open up Evernote, the notebook that contains your private notes will not automatically be displayed on the screen - it will only show up when *you* want it to. In addition, you can also encrypt the text in those notes, as you know - not other types of content, mind you, but if you have "prying eyes", they won't be able to tell at a glance what is on your screen, and you should have time to click out of your notebook.

So, with the password protection required to get into your Evernote account in the first place, and the behavior that Evernote starts up in your Default notebook, this should solve your immediate problem.

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+1 for password protected notebooks please. I keep one notebook called "journal". I'd like the peace of mind of knowing that items in this notebook would not be viewable by anyone without a password being entered first. I hope this would apply across the board to all platforms, including iphone. when it comes to searching for items, maybe there could be an option to search password protected notebooks as well, which would require inputing the password before the search is started.

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+1 for password locked notebook.

I using evernote for both work & personal and tend to keep it open all the time on my computer at work and will look at notes with colleagues at informal meetings.

However would be good have a lockable notebook so I'll have no issue if colleagues want to browse the rest of my work related notebooks.

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