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  1. It does say I'm a Premium member, so I've emailed through the error log. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok, results from trying that: Adding note from web browser: Syncs with both Android and Desktop client Adding note from Desktop client: Syncs with both Android and web browser Adding note from Android client: Does not appear on either web browser or desktop client Also editing the note just downloaded to the Android client on the phone does not update on the web browser. When trying to sync on the phone (after editing or creating a note), I hit save a message pops up saying 'Uploading note...', but then nothing. I'm sure last time it did work, a notification would appear saying upload complete? Thanks again for help trying to resolve.
  3. Hi all. Firstly I'm really impressed with v2 of Evernote for Android, it's come a long way in the last six months. Well done to the Evernote team. Now my problem - Yesterday I created 10 notes on my phone, some just text, some with photos. I was not in a wifi area and only had 2G network connectivity, so I wasn't expecting them to upload until I got back home today and access my home wifi. However when I hit sync (to try to force manual sync), a notification pops up saying 'Syncing data in the background', but nothing seems to actually upload. I can created a note on my Windows client (just tested it now), and that will sync to my phone. It's as though the sync is only working one way. I'm using Evernote build: 110327 Ver: 2.0.1 Phone is HTC Desire I am a Premium user (although I did have to reactive this today, don't know if that's caused an issue?) I've tried 'clear history' and 'Clear cache'. I haven't tried uninstalling yet because I'm not sure if that will lose the notes I created that are currently only local on my phone (would this be the case?) Any advice or something else I can try?
  4. The problem is not the file size that Evernote is generating it's the IMAGE SIZE. Having a low-resolution image is useless when I need the full 5MP resolution. Please fix this. Yep, it's not just the file size. The image is tiny (something like 800x 600) when you see it in evernote (using the desktop client). When I open the camera normally, it says "5MP" on the left-hand side status bar. When I use the photo note in Evernote, the camera status bar shows "1MP". The problem is, there is no menu available when taking a picture with evernote so I can change the size, somehow the menus are disabled. On mine, I only get the option of "Small", which is 640x416 - hardly usable for me. I had the same problem (using a HTC Desire) - whenever I would try to take a photo through Evernote, it would only give me the option of small resolution. Taking a photo just normally with the camera I could take images upto 5MP. However last weekend HTC upgraded my Desire to Froyo, Android 2.2 (Yay!), and since then the problem has been resolved. Also upgraded to latest Evernote app, but I think it was the Froyo update that resolved it for me. So it could be bug that is resolved by 2.2??? Anyway, working fine for me now. Which is excellent and hope that info helps someone else.
  5. I've been having the same problem. However I've found a short term workaround until this gets fixed. If you delete the evernote folder from the sdcard (/sdcard/Evernote), then that seems to 'force' evernote to update the tag list. I assume it caches the tags to that folder. It's a bit clunky, but will do for now.Got this idea from another thread about notes not updating correctly and this workaround solved that.
  6. +1. It would be soooo useful to have a widget that in one click from the homescreen I could type a note or take a snapshot and be done. You already have the 4 widget icons on the evernote app main screen. This does seem like a relatively straightforward way to take advantage of the android features - although I'm not a developer, so don't quote me that!
  7. I've just upgraded to the latest version and I like the new search bar functionality. Also glad to hear offline notes is in the pipeline - and you're recruiting an android developer which gives me great confidence for the future! I still have the same issue as cook_a mentions above: for snapshots, I can only get low resolution at 640x480. I'm also using a HTC desire. Is this issue possible to resolve? I want to snap lots of text & newspaper articles, however not being able to use higher resolution is frustrating. Thanks for any advice on this.
  8. Hi - I'm just starting getting into the groove of using Evernote, and finding I'm fwding alot of emails. When I send an email to EverNote with my special email address, is there any way to add a specific tag at the same time? For example using some special tag markup in the body of the email that evernote will use to tag the note. Something like adding: @tag:action in the body of the email would add the tag action to the email note. Cheers.
  9. +1 for password locked notebook. I using evernote for both work & personal and tend to keep it open all the time on my computer at work and will look at notes with colleagues at informal meetings. However would be good have a lockable notebook so I'll have no issue if colleagues want to browse the rest of my work related notebooks.
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