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(Archived) REQUEST: List View - second criterion for sorting?


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In list view I can sort entries with one criterion, say "Notebooks". If I want to sort an a second level - p. e. "Dates" - is this possible?

(Of course I could do initially a search filtering and than the second sorting ...)

Thank you again!

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No, no second criterion is available for ordering your views.

But it would be nice to have, though! I was doing some major renaming of notes over the weekend, and this would have been very useful. I don't expect it anytime soon, however, and I was able to work around searching by tags ... so maybe that is the answer?

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It would also be nice to persist this sorting of the list.   If it's there I am not seeing it.    Otherwise, I would be happy to start a new thread with "REQUEST".

Well, since there is no two-key sorting of note lists on any Evernote client that I know of, it's kind of moot, but if there were, I'm guessing that it would be persistable.
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