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(Archived) BUG: Logging me out when offline



I've updated to version 3.1.0 and now when my computer is offline it logs me out and won't keep me signed in. I've now updated to premium but this is still happening. Very scared I'm going to be stuck without access to all my notes at some point when I don't have internet. Am I doing something wrong or can I fix this?

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Hi Daisy. Welcome to the forums!

Evernote is not logging you off of the online service, but logging you out of the app on your computer. Turn off your wireless and login. You'll see that it works fine. If you check the box that asks if you want to stay logged in, you shouldn't get logged out anymore.

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it was logging me out every time even though I clicked "keep me logged in".

I have this problem too and it's really annoying. I often move from one WiFi network to another. It often takes a little while before I think of using the network and therefore of entering the login information for the WiFi connection. If I use Evernote in the there, it'll show as logged out, and force me to log in again. Even if I've got the "keep me logged in" checked.

This is new in the last update or two, and _very_ annoying.


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My Evernote app on my Mac is logging me out about once per week (not the web interface - the full Mac client). I have the "keep me logged in" box checked. I've used evernote for years and this is new, unwanted behavior. How can we correct this, it is making HULK ANGRY.

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Ditto here. Upgraded to premium, still logs me out when I switch networks. "Stay logged in" checkbox makes no difference. Definitely a bug, and a frustrating one -- Evernote's beauty is in the fact that it doesn't bother you with things like logging in.

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