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  1. I currently have nine (9) issues open with Evernote support re problems with Evernote 10. Every single one of them results in greatly decreased productivity for me and my colleagues. So far I have not received a productive response to any of them; nothing beyond formulaic replies. The net effect is so bad that I've dropped back to Evernote 7.14 until they're resolved. But that's not a long-term solution: Evernote 7.14 is already unavailable on some Big Sur installs, and that situation is only going to get worse. So what are my alternatives? What exactly am I supposed to do to motivate Evernote to resolve this? It's a New Coke situation: The company's new strategy is greatly disliked by a significant fraction of the user base. If they persist, the costs will be large. But they really believe in their strategy. In the case of New Coke, only a quarter's work of bad financials finally got the message through and through brought back Coke Classic. (It took years for New Coke to die, but die it did) It would be fine with me if the company created New Evernote and Evernote Classic. I'd be fine to pay a subscription designated to pay for support and development of Evernote Classic. But, unless the situation changes, I'm not going to pay for another year of New Evernote. The question is whether to make that distinction clear to the company now, in this quarter, via their financials. I'll give them another couple weeks to see what they say, but if there isn't really progress, I'm going to cancel my existing subscription and drop back to a lower level along with a certified letter to the company president. Hopefully that'll convey a message.
  2. Unfortunately, the arrows to move through pages isn't a solution. Evernote isn't Facebook, it's a productivity app, and having to click through many-page PDFs is not a productive use for time. Nor is having to click, slide, target, click to get access to a multipage view. Flipping through lots of Evernote notes to find the PDF you're looking for now only lets you see the first part of the docs. At a minimum, there should be a preference to have this default to multipage view instead of single page view. Unfortunately, we also lost the ability to set preferences.... Seriously, Evernote team, you're better than all this. You built a delightful, productive tool. Could you please focus getting back to there?
  3. Except for Location (which I haven't had a reason to try) and saved searches, I've encountered a Evernote 10 bug and filed a service ticket on every single other one of those things: Reminders and tags not synching, tags not being found in searches, problems viewing and editing PDF attachments, API-using other products cut off from operation of even simple things like evernote: URLs, lost AppleScript. Evernote had a great feature set and a real focus on usability. Both of those have been seriously downgraded by Evernote 10. And apparently the development teams' emphasis is on more new "features", not resolving these usability problems and outright bugs. Everybody _please_ file service tickets on all the things that you see that are broken/damaged/lost. Maybe it won't help, but hopefully seeing the number of things and people affects might get their attention. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. Downgrading to the legacy^h^h^h^h^h^h working Evernote 7 on my macOS Catalina with Evernote 10 previously installed via the Mac App Store has left me with a broken install. - evernote: links no longer work - Some notes created on Evernote 10, visible on iOS and web, are not synching to the Mac Evernote 7 - Web clipper only does spinning wheel Next step: Clean Evernote entirely off, then ask Visa if I can get my subscription funds back before decided whether to try again or switch to DEVONthink.
  5. Here's a list of removed features I'm missing, in the sense that my workflow is impacted by these. I've submitted tickets on all of these, and I recommend others do so too. Evernote needs to be convinced to prioritize usability over eye candy. - No longer in share menu, so no easy way to move a PDF in Preview to a note - evernote: URLs no longer work from other apps - simplifying formatting of text is much more time consuming - Following a link from note to note within Evernote now is harder (click target click instead of just click) - Viewing multipage PDFs is not a complete and repeated pain in the neck - Drag and drop of a PDF to create a note fails intermittently, sometime losing the note and sometimes taking minutes for the note to appear - Sync sometimes takes several minutes to move from one Mac to another; bring back the sync button - You can no longer drag a PDF out of a note and drop in another application, i.e. for upload - Search does not always find tags - Safari web clipper hangs intermittently when clipping a PDF, losing the note - No way to create a table-of-contents note from selected notes Plus a few more...
  6. The magic wand doesn't appear when pasting a bit of text into an already-existing note. So that's not a solution for those of use who do that. Time to submit my 17th service ticket on missing features. I recommend other people submit tickets on the features they've lost too. We need to convince Evernote that something has to be done about these.
  7. Still no news on why this alleged "solution" is marked as such?
  8. On the other hand, with it's recent update Evernote now - can't share files to or from other applications; - had a broken handling of JPGs and PDFs in notes; - no longer understands macOS drag and drop - no longer reliably shows multiple windows And apparently the Evernote team considers all those _features_, as posts here say they won't be fixed. The trend for the past years has been terrible. I've been an Evernote user for 12 years. I want them to succeed. But this is just too much.
  9. Also, why is this marked as a "Solution"? It most certainly isn't a solution.
  10. "You can’t do that in the new version. For now, the old/legacy version will continue to let you do that, but i believe it’s unsupported software from now on." Why do you think that's true? Is it documented somewhere? If this really is intentional, that's it for me. I'll switch away. It's just really annoying it happened a few days after my subscription renewed.
  11. This is a huge disappointment. Share was the easiest way to get PDF, photos and other documents into Evernote efficiently. Particularly since using the clipper to capture PDFs from web pages is still broken in the new version. My workflow for capturing information has now become extremely inefficient: Save file, go to EverNote, New Note, click in the note, click Insert and drag to attachment, navigate to file, click Open, back to Finder, locate temp file, delete, back to browser. Compare to: click share, click Evernote. Anybody have a better approach? (Other that switching to OneNote, which several of my colleagues have been advocating for a while)
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