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  1. Hi friends: Over the past few weeks, I have grown so frustrated over this feature that I have tried to escape Evernote. I've tried Bear, OneNote, Ulysses, Apple Notes, and Notion. It was easy to get my content moved from Evernote in most cases, but those products are missing a few things I care about: web browser access, document scanner in iOS app, PDF storage native to the app, and tagging/organization. So I feel stuck with Evernote. Yesterday, however, I downloaded Alternote. It's an alternative client for Evernote on Mac that is cleaner, faster, and does not yield this annoying message when I move notes from my Inbox folder to its final resting place. It's all still Evernote, but Alternote is, in my opinion, a superior user interface. http://alternoteapp.com
  2. This fixed it for me, thanks!
  3. I'm on the public beta of ios12 on iPad and the new Evernote update does appear to fix the issue
  4. Evernote, this is not cool. Who asked for this feature? Why have you kept this frustrating feature in place since March and not fixed or addressed the issue? It seriously makes me want to investigate competing solutions. I'm a premium member and absolutely hate this change.
  5. As of 7.0.2 on Mac I am getting a popup every time I move a note to a shared notebook. I get a Change Access dialog that I have to answer Cancel/Move. This happens for EVERY move, plus I get a notification in Notification Center after that. I want to disable this behavior, it is seriously impeding my workflow. -Martin
  6. I use Evernote MenuBar clipper a lot, and use asterisks (*) for bullets when taking notes. Would be nice to auto-apply (or via script) formatting once the note is saved, so it looks as good as regular evernote note.
  7. When editing tags for a new note, the immediate sync removes focus in the middle of typing. This is incredibly frustrating. When I add a note, I immediately edit the tags of the note. As I'm typing the 2nd or 3rd letter of the tag, Evernote removes focus from the tag (during sync, I believe), and disrupts my typing. It seems if I pop out the note from the Evernote, it allows me to edit the tag without disruption. -Martin
  8. My Evernote app on my Mac is logging me out about once per week (not the web interface - the full Mac client). I have the "keep me logged in" box checked. I've used evernote for years and this is new, unwanted behavior. How can we correct this, it is making HULK ANGRY.
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