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HELP: Print to PDF doesn't work when Evernote isn't open



When working correctly, the Print to Evernote PDF service should send the pdf to Evernote and add it to the default notebook - even if Evernote isn't open. I have an installation (OS X 10.7.4) where this only works if Evernote is open. Print To PDF will open Evernote but the PDF will not be added. Once open - printing again WILL add the doc to the notebook.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

(Don't think its relevant - but yes - the EverNote Helper is running)

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I just tried it using this sequence:

1. Close EN (I always keep it open)

2. print PDF to EN using system print dialog


EN opened, note added to default notebook.

Lion 10.7.3

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I am on 10.7.4 and NOT mountain lion yet..already have this issue..even when Evernote open already to default notebook NOTHING shows up. Looks like it is copying/printing to something but nothing in EN. I really use this feature and not sure when it became unavailable. I deleted evernote program and all to do with it and reinstalled(told to by evernote people try this) STILL wont work.


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I have a related question.  I would like to save a multi media EN note as a PDF and then email it to someone who does not have EN.  I tried opening the note and selecting print to PDF to convert the EN note into a PDF, but it does not format correctly and only captures part of the page.  Suggestions?

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