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  1. Having the same issue. If EN is not open, the print to PDF service only opens the app....does not add file. If EN is open, the print to pdf will add the file. Ideas?
  2. Actually spotlight search works fine on my wife's computer (Lion 10.7.4) and Evernote 3.1.0 Must be a bug of some sort
  3. Documents appear to be in the appropriate folder but no search. Glad to hear others are having the same trouble. Do Evernote employees tend to monitor these forums or does this need to be submitted as a ? bug. Not sure if there is an intention to not spotlight index the docs but I'm not sure why you wouldn't. Makes it tough if you are not sure if you put a doc into evernote and want to do a global search
  4. Where are the docs actually stored? Is it possible spotlight is ignoring that directory? Aren't they in the ~/library?
  5. Rebuilding spotlight index was the first thing I did....no evernote docs found with search
  6. I've tried Houdah....doesn't work either. Clearly spotlight is not indexing these files
  7. Not sure what happened but spotlight does not seem to be indexing any of my evernote data...neither note titles nor content. Am I missing something?
  8. In a similar light, I can't even find any easy way to choose a few notes (that were imported as pdfs) and export them to distinct pdf files. I see that you can print to pdf for a single document or merge several and print them as a single document but then you need to break them up after the export/print. Finally, I see that you can export as html but then you need to strip away the html packaging to find the actual pdf (and it is named something like evernote0001.pdf. Am I missing something? Other data storage programs seem to allow drag and drop to the original format
  9. This may be covered elsewhere but I couldn't find it. I am now a premium subscriber. It seems that if I simply drag and drop an email from Apple mail into Evernote, the result is a .eml file which can be viewed but not searched. I'm also not sure if the original email is deleted if the .eml file can still be opened. If I forward an email to my evernote email address, the not appears not as an attachment but as if I cut and pasted it and is therefore searchable. Is there a reason for this behavior? Wayupnth
  10. Hi, New to EN and forum. After researching and comparing EN to Together, Yojimbo, etc. I've decided I like the simplicity and ease of EN. (Must admit, I couldn't see any differences between Together and Yojimbo. Seemed like clones to me). Anyway, the one thing I can't understand is it seems that I can either clip a web page to EN as a pdf or get an unformatted view which is editable. They both have advantages and disadvantages but both Together and Yojimbo can clip a formatted page to their database. Although it is not editable, it appears like the browser page and the links are live. If you store a web page as a pdf in EN, the links don't work and I hate the "unformatted" but editable view of EN (some pages are much longer than their web view counterparts). Am I missing something? Also, is there an easy way to clip just a URL to EN?
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