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(Archived) Save EN data then Uninstall & Re-Install

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EN is no longer viewable on my computer, so I want to save all my EN data, uninstall, then re-install.

What's the best way to save all data, then make the data available again after re-installation?

Below is the text of my Forum Topic on the subject . . . unfortunately no one had a solution.

"EN is no longer viewable on my computer. The EN icon is in the upper right corner of Firefox, the icon is in the Taskbar, the little icon is in the Taskbar Tray, Task Manager says Evernote.exe, EvernoteClipper, and Evernotetray.exe are running, but clicking either Taskbar icon doesn't bring up the EN window, and using Task Manager to end all three of the above-mentioned EN executables and running Evernote.exe still doesn't make EN available."

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First, backup/restore is dependent upon what client you are using as well as if you have any local notebooks and/or unsync'd notes. If you search the board on 'backup' in the section pertaining to the client you use, I'm sure you'll find existing threads.

Second, if no one replied to your previous post on the board, it may be b/c no one knew what advice to offer. (This is a user's forum, although EN staff read all posts & often reply here.) In that case, your best solution may be to submit a support ticket. (See my sig.)

Good luck.

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Hi - have you changed the number of screens you connect to, or do you use your computer with other monitors (if it's a laptop)? Sometimes apps start up in the last window position in which they appeared on your desktop, and if that position was on a screen you've since disconnected, the display becomes purely 'virtual' (and invisible) until you can change the position of the window. There are free apps out there that will 'jump' a window from one side or another.. or you could just reconnect the missing screen and use a mouse.

Backups - What BnF said.

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hi gazumped ~

well, now everything's working fine, so it's hard to know what was the problem :ph34r:

hi Owyn

thanks for the suggestion of Process Explorer ~ i used it to bring EN to the front . . . now, interestingly, when i rt-click EN in Process Explorer, the Window choice (with which i had brought EN to the front) is greyed out . . and when i use rt-click to see Properties and click "Bring to front", the message appears: "no visible windows found for this process", even though i can bring up EN window from the right part of the System Tray. weird :o

bring any process window to front in current display.

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