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(Archived) Colours?

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First… I love Evernote and use it a lot on both my Mac, Ipad and Iphone…. ;o)

However I find it a bit silly with a totally monochrome interface. I know… don't shout at me… those that thinks all is perfect can have an option in the settings to turn this off… keep their cool sunglasses on to totally eliminate colours from the interface and stay in their wonderful monochrome world.

But I would love be able to to mark a note or a notebook with a coloured background to enhance the special meaning of it for me.

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Don't know whether Evernote have any reservations about prettying up the interface - maybe they're waiting for a developer to offer some alternative skins. It's been suggested a few times though that more visual cues would be good for notes - coloured folders / coloured backgrounds. My memory needs all the help it can get - +1 from me!

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