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  1. So I removed the Evernote app from the Iphone... installed it again and connected it to my premium voila... Suddenly all my notes are available again This smells rotten! I need some kind of explanation from the staff so this wont happen again as I need to trust it if I am to use it.
  2. I love Evernote but I really dislike the new interface on the Iphone... So that is probably why I suddenly seems to miss most of my notes on the Iphone as I am probably doing something wrong. I can see 275 notes on my laptop on the IPad and on the webinterface but on the IPhone there is just 34 notes. I have premium account and are really depending on Evernote in my work, so this is a disaster for me. I have tried to synchronize, search and go for tags... but they really seems to be missing. Then I tried the built in support interface in the Iphone and after typing in all the text... it says... Faild try again later and deletes all my text. I am about start looking for alternatives to Evernote....
  3. I sometimes use the presentation mode and miss a few important details. I love it because of the simpleness and how quick it is to show something so I do not want you to make it too complicated... but just a few more details would make me use it much more. First. I would like to be able to show one line at the time and move forward with the spacebar or something like you do in normal presentation programs. Maybe lines in a special bullet list could behave like this. Second. I would like to be able to scale the presentation. From an overview I would like to be able to zoom in and out. Maybe we could use cmd+ cmd- like we do inside normal notes. Thats all! Thank you for a super program!
  4. First… I love Evernote and use it a lot on both my Mac, Ipad and Iphone…. ;o) However I find it a bit silly with a totally monochrome interface. I know… don't shout at me… those that thinks all is perfect can have an option in the settings to turn this off… keep their cool sunglasses on to totally eliminate colours from the interface and stay in their wonderful monochrome world. But I would love be able to to mark a note or a notebook with a coloured background to enhance the special meaning of it for me. Best regards! Bengt
  5. Thank you, Jeff! Yes, i use the tags the same way. But I would like the use of visuals here... ;o) For me a red flag is better than a tag (among other tags) even if it is marked important, don´t forget or something like that. Bengt
  6. Thanks for a great tool. I use it more and more each day. I am also a user of SoHo Notes on the Mac and Iphone and to me Evernote is a more useful tool because of the automatic syncing between my different computers and also the snapshot OCR function. However I really miss a few things from SoHo Notes and that is the possibility colour code the notes, set priorities and also put flags on notes. I understand that i can use multiple notebooks partly for that purpose but I think those visual element are really needed if i should use it to the same extent as SoHo Notes. Of corse a possibility to sort them in that respect is also needed. Bengt Falke
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