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(Archived) HELP [Chrome]: "Save" buttons not working


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So, here is my issue:

When I find something I want to save on the web, the Web Clipper will open and I can choose folders and tags and comments, etc. However, the "Save" button, whether "Save Article" or "Save Full Page", no longer works. I press the button, and nothing happens. Nothing is getting to my Evernote account.

Also, I have confirmed that this is happens on any and all web pages. In other words, it is not because the site(s) I am attempting to clip from contain elements that are incompatible with the Evernote (e.g., Flash).

Note: I have not used all of my allotted usage for the month, so it can't be that.

See Attached file.


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I have the same issue as mikecampy and am unable to save anything using the web clipper with current version of Chrome (18.0.1025.162).

Also appear to be unable to sign into evernote forum using Chrome? (see attached file)

Firefox browser clipper appears to work fine as does signing in using Firefox.

30-04-2012 10-58-33 AM.pdf

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I was able to fix the problem with the browser clipper by deleting the extension in Chrome and then reinstalling it. Clipping appears to be working fine now. However, still don't seem to be able to sign into the Evernote forum via Chrome.

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I've been having the same problem in Chrome for a couple of weeks. It works briefly if I uninstall / reinstall the extension. I've noticed that the URL clipper works a bit longer than the "clip page" or "clip article" choices.

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It started happening recently in Chrome - reinstall helped briefly but same problem is back

Confirmed - after reinstalling the clipper it worked for a while but has now stopped again.

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