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  1. I also encountered this problem with Adobe Reader and Evernote. When using Adobe Reader as the default application for PDF files, I was unable to open the PDF file. I tied this on 2 different Android phones both running Android 10. On the phone (Pixel 3a XL), when I tried to open the PDF file in Evernote, an entirely different application on the phone was opened (a fitness app) which obviously could not read the PDF file. On the second phone (Huawei Mate 20 Pro), it could not find an application to open the PDF file. I assumed this was a problem with the Adobe Reader application and solved it
  2. I use tables a lot in Evernote and am finding that when I insert a To Do checkbox in a table, predictive text stops working. However, once I have typed out the first word after the checkbox then predictive text starts working again. This only appears to be a problem after inserting a checkbox - predictive text works fine in the rest of the table and inserting a numbered list doesn't cause any problems either. Currently using the latest beta (8.5_beta2) but have noticed this problem for the last few versions. Running Android Pie and using GBoard. Have also experimented using SwiftKey - if I ins
  3. Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. I have been an Evernote premium subscriber for several years, using the Windows and Android applications and with a current database of around 3,500 notes. Recently, I decided to try out Onenote due to ongoing concerns and frustrations. Most of these have been expressed eloquently by others but in particular, the seeming inability of Evernote to handle high DPI displays (renders text incredibly small on both the screen and web clippings), lack of improvement in editing capabilities (I gave up trying to edit notes in Android because it would just
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