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(Archived) Import from Tiddlywiki

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I've been using Tiddlywiki for sometime now and it's served my purposed pretty well. The biggest thing that Evernote offers that Tiddlywiki doesn't (at least for me) is the synchronization feature.

Anyway I currently have a Tiddlywiki file with some 400 entries that I want to import into a notebook in Evernote. Does anyone have any ideas on an automated way to do this? The Tiddlywiki is mostly just HTML so is there a way for me to import them into Evernote if I can transform that HTML into another format that Evernote understands?

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It would be OK if you only want to move a few "Tiddlers" (i.e. notes), as you could just use the webclipper, but importing the whole lot could be very time consuming! TiddlyWiki is constructed as a single HTML file, but with fancy javascript to hide or display Tiddlers as and when required, so it's not as simple as merely dragging & dropping the whole html file.

There might be a plugin for TiddlyWiki that would help to automate the process, but I suspect you'll be stuck with manually copying & pasting each one (unless you are happy to just have them all in one big note, or batch the Tiddlers into logical groupings, display each group at a time, and have each group of Tiddlers as a note). I know there is a plugin which synchronises TiddlyWiki with Outlook notes, so perhaps you could do that then import the Outlook notes into Evernote? Although I'm not sure how simple it is to import Outlook notes to Evernote, and it'd probably lose any formatting from the Tiddlers.

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