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REQUEST: Color label in the note list view



Dear Devs,

I have been using Evernote for almost 1 year. I really love the application.

One thing I think the application is missing and other application has is the color labeling that highlights the note title or colors the corner or the background of the thumbnail view. My another favorite app Papers has such feature.

One occasion this feature can be very useful is that I store all my research papers in Evernote, I want to use different color to identify which one is read and which one is unread. I believe the effort for implementing such feature should be trivial :)


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This would be a killer feature. Color could simply be another tag-like attribute of the note.

I have many projects and make use of of saved searches and use the shortcuts in the bar at the top of Evernote. I select a search, and would like to be able to go quickly find the note that contains my pending tasks, scope of work, configuration info, etc..

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I "third" this request! Especially when there are a lot of notes in a particular notebook, being able to distinguish between them by color would be extremely useful.

Like MongMong's suggestion of the read/unread usage, I have some ideas that I've published, and some that are in progress -- I'd like to be able to see at a glance which ones I should pick up working on.

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I'd like to support this too. Would like to see it implemented like Postbox does though, where a color can be assigned to a tag, rather than assigning a new color attribute to notes.

I could be mis-remembering, but I think the CEO, Phil Libin, expressed interest in doing this. You'll have to listen to the full hour-long podcast, though, if you want to find out whether I am right or not :)

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I +1 for color as well. (I know it have been discussed many times in the forum, but not enough =)

I have been a user for more then 4 years and use tags, stacks, quick bar daily. Colors would just to so much for me as i work with many different projects art he same time.

It would be really great if it could sync between all diverse, but i find it most needed in my MAC, since it is where I do most of my jumping back and forth between different projects and notes. (I know it might not relate to how everyone will need it, but I'm just saying my opinion =)

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My use case for this is to be able to highlight notes that need attention - a flag might do for my needs.

Also would be nice to be able to "pin" specific notes to the top of the list. I know you can kind of do that by sorting by edit date, but that doesn't always meet my needs and assumes that I'm constantly working on the things I want at the top.

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