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  1. Look mate, what exactly is your problem...? Every time I post something you turn up to slag off my idea or put me down personally.... why? What did I ever do to you? You obviously seem to think you own the forum and no one is allowed to post unless they agree with you and "Burger-and-it-is-fine-if-I'm-rude-to-everyone-because-I-don't-get-paid-for-this". Well good for you. Consider your "gatekeeping" a job well done, because I'll be -blanked- if I ever read or post on these forums again. Life is way to short to waste it talking to the likes of you.
  2. Yeah. I figured something like that. My second post was really just a bit of a lame attempt at some humour. I didn't really want it to deflect attention from my main point: I think Evernote would look more professional if you had control over which part of an image is used as the thumbnail. It would look more professional and that would make it more useful in a professional setting. That's all. 95% or 98% of Evernote is fantastic IMO.... it just has a couple of annoying little quirks that keeps it from being perfect at least for what I'd like to use it for.
  3. So.... It seems like I can select a photo.... crop the image.... select which part of the image to use as my icon / thumbnail / avatar on these Evernote user forums.... but I can't select and image, crop it, and select which part of it to use as a thumbnail when I'm actually using Evernote itself...? I wonder what the thinking is behind implementing the feature for the forums but not for the actual program? Seems like a strange ordering of priorities....
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forums so pardon me if I'm not going about it in the right way.... I've been trying out Evernote over the past couple of months and in general I love it but there is one thing I find very frustrating: there appears to be no way to control which part of an image is used as the thumbnail. The result is that the thumbnails are off centre or the main detail of the image is half cut off. The bottom line is that I think it makes the thumbnails look fairly unprofessional (which is a real pity because most of the rest of the Evernote interface looks great). I'm not really a F
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