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  1. Thanks, I'll submit a support ticket to the Evernote team then. As an aside, I don't think my network connection is slow or intermittent, and even so, the software should deal with it IMHO. You don't get corrupted frames in YouTube when your connection is slow. The thing simply stops. I think it's a major problem when it comes to trusting an application with you data. Anyway, thanks again for your suggestion.
  2. I'm a Premium subscriber and been using Evernote for several years. In the last couple of months my notes get corrupted often, formatting lost, it has become a recurrent issue (using iPhone, iPad and Mac, all on latest versions). It is very, very disappointing to see this happen after so many years.
  3. +1 Started to happen in the last couple of weeks I think. Safari 10.0.1 (12602. on Mac OS 10.12.1. Please fix.
  4. I've already read quite a bit about the subject by using Google search, but I didn't find a clear answer: is it being considered? Is it currently not a priority for whatever reason? This seems to be a very easy feature to implement, with a lot of vocal user enthusiasm behind it.
  5. Hi, I've read through the entire original thread in the Mac forum about the requests for per-notebook password protection, up to the point where it was locked by a forum moderator. Was it picked up somewhere else ? I couldn't find a more recent thread using the search form. I'm posting this here and will move it to the proper thread if there is one: I'd simply like to +1 this frequent feature request. It's not for the encryption or for protecting sensitive information. I regularly fire up EN (mobile, web, desktop, whatever) to search for a piece of information for someone who more often than not is standing right next to me. There are a lot of personal notes I'd simply not want to see in the search results. Tagging is a hassle (I don't want to search for "something but excluding notes tagged 'personal'"). What would be useful to me, and apparently to many other folks, is the ability to have a hidden, or password-protected, notebook which can be accessed only via a second layer of security. Thanks.
  6. Bug in new release : when the Skitch-annotated note is reimported back into Evernote, the tags of the original note are lost.
  7. Thank you for the links. You will have noticed, of course, that this thread concerns the new Evernote 5 for Mac, and that the EnWiki has the following at the top of its "Prerequisites & Limitations" list: Also, since Evernote is using a Premium-based system with paying customers, I'm not sure the "most people" argument is valid here. Most people won't flinch if the New York Times goes bankrupt, either I believe that the needs of the paying customers should be, at some point, attended to.
  8. Alas, the hopes of so many so annoyingly dashed. Apparently overtaken by the many, many more who can't keep track of their whereabouts. I'll continue paying for my Premium Account because, for the time being, there is nothing better. But this is very, very disappointing.
  9. I believe @PeninsulaLA's question hasn't been answered: what symbolic link should be created now that the content is located inside the username folder and not the data folder?
  10. Only one reply from staff in six months. Isn't customer support part of the reason some of us pay for this service?
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