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  1. Thanks, I'll submit a support ticket to the Evernote team then. As an aside, I don't think my network connection is slow or intermittent, and even so, the software should deal with it IMHO. You don't get corrupted frames in YouTube when your connection is slow. The thing simply stops. I think it's a major problem when it comes to trusting an application with you data. Anyway, thanks again for your suggestion.
  2. I'm a Premium subscriber and been using Evernote for several years. In the last couple of months my notes get corrupted often, formatting lost, it has become a recurrent issue (using iPhone, iPad and Mac, all on latest versions). It is very, very disappointing to see this happen after so many years.
  3. +1 Started to happen in the last couple of weeks I think. Safari 10.0.1 (12602. on Mac OS 10.12.1. Please fix.
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