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Widget-How do I customize the buttons?

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I feel like I'm missing something very simple here, but...

I just downloaded the widget, and like it very much. But I can't figure out how to edit the buttons at the top of the widget. I'm on a rooted Nook Color, CM7, and I don't need the camera or record buttons as my device doesn't have a camera or microphone. So I tap Settings, then Customize Widget, then Bar Buttons. A list of buttons pops up, and from there I can't figure out what to do. I want to remove the buttons I don't need, but can't figure out how.

What am I missing here?

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When Customize Widget (I'm using the 4x2 Evernote Widget Large) comes up, I see a vertical list:


[button choices]


[button choices]


[list of buttons]



I assume that you're talking about the Bar Buttons -- I see five buttons in this list. Click on one, and you should get a popup that gives you a choice of what operation to map to that button (New Note, Snapshot, Audio Note, Search, etc.). Pick one, and you've set the operation for that button. Continue until you have set all the buttons. So far as I know, you cannot delete buttons.

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Once you click a button that you want to delete, a list of buttons will come up--at the top is Hide. Click on it, and you'll see that the button you selected is now blank. That button is now deleted. If you change your mind, select a blank button, and then the button you want to replace it with on the next list.

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I realize this is quite an old post, but in case other find it (as I have, now 3 years later), I want to note share some observations about customizing the widget (s).

First, thanks for the ip on the "hide" feature. I'd missed that, too, and had no idea how to customize things to remove (or move) options. I see now that we can select one and then choose settings, to either "hide" it or simply select a new one to appear in its place. That was not at all obvious. :-)

Indeed, if anyone was looking for a way to "move" options, that's just not an option (and perhaps it's an Android widget limitation). You have to do the dance I just mentioned.

Second, FWIW, the tip using "hide" works not just with the "grid" widget but also the "small" widget. Maybe that was changed since this post was first written.  That said, I find that in the "small' widget, hiding sometihng creates a blank space where it was (whereas in the grid widget, it shifts things to the left into its place).

Finally, while this is a great way to get some key options listed on the widget, I'm bummed to see there's not just a bit more flexbility/capability. For instance, I was looking for a way to easily create a new audio or speech to text note. While the widget (and these tweaks) let me them at the top of the list of options in the widget, there's no way (it seems) to have these go into some particular notebook or be tagged a certain way by default.  (And I don't even see a way to choose those after starting an audio note with the widget).

My hope was to automate such audio note-taking so I'd not need to type while driving.

Am I missing perhaps something in the widget setup or in EN itself? I know this went a bit beyond the original subject, but it's tangentially related (customizing the widget). :-)

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