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  1. This discussion of exporting has helped me realize something I never paid attention to even in the Legacy client: the enex file does NOT track what NOTEBOOK notes were in! For those who knew that already, you can move on. (And yep, PinkElephant mentioned it above.) For those like me who never considered that, and its implications, you may want to read on (if you do use lots of notebooks and a hierarchy of them). With the discussion here of how we could export one notebook at a time in the new UI, it made me wonder how that differed from my years of using the Legacy app's ability to select
  2. Thanks to those pointing how the new UI provides for us to at least export one notebook at a time, but that will be laborious (if not unacceptable) for any with dozens or hundreds (or more) of them. And while switching to the Legacy app is a short-term workaround, I sure hope SOME better solution if forth-coming in the new client. (All this discussion of export options led to a new discovery for me, which I'll share in a different note.)
  3. FWIW, I'm on the exact same versions as Pedro (every aspect listed), and I do NOT find ctrl-b or ctrl-i failing to work for me. Just thought that may be of interest to some. To be clear, I'm just another user, and I appreciate that when such expected keys stop working for folks, it will be annoying. And trust me, I miss others (like f6), and really there is MUCH about the new Windows client that frustrates me daily, coming from 12 years on the old client. Those issues seem less to be "bugs" but more simply about design decisions, where someone in authority thinks some behavior we h
  4. Dtlow, it seems you did not read any of the other msgs in this thread. 95% of them express how the "assistance" we seek is simply to have EN on Android do what EN on Windows does, which is create the note title out of the first line for us. And here we are now 6 years since the first post, and still the feature is missing (the bug/annoyance remains). And with the coming new Windows client, we could even lose this feature there (since it seems a goal is a more "unified" client experience).
  5. With all due to respect to superguru gazumped, I will just say that while I have suffered this error myself occasionally, I definitely have NOT had to resort to such arduous steps as rebooting, uninstalling, or especially using Windows restore. What's worked for me has been much simpler : just kill the Evernote processes. In Windows, do that by opening Windows Task Manager to see the list of running processes (varies a bit per different Windows editions over the years), then sort that list by process name, and just delete (or right-click and choose "end task" on any listed Evernote proces
  6. Come on. 4 years now and we're still waiting? This Auto-title by first line is how it works in windows. Why not the same option in android? And an *option* would be fine (like the other two current Auto-title options which are offered). That addresses those who don't want this, and further, the feature could only save the first line as the title if no other title was added before the note was saved. It's not just "an extra step" to do this ourselves. It's 8!--realize that what you're typing is in the body, tap it, choose the android copy/paste feature's icon for more options, choos
  7. I am also having problems of random notes having problems showing rules, when added. Even in cases where the note previously had rules, some appear and some don't (in the same note), and the bigger concern is that if I try to add them (in a new place, or where they are "missing" but were there before), they are NOT added. Yet then in other notes, they are added no problem. I can say it's since the latest 6.8 GA update (and I am on the latest available now, Rules are critical to me, as I use them to separate each day's notes in a note I keep for each client I work for, so
  8. Hmm, despite the encouraging comment from November 2015, this issue remains, a year later, and on the latest version (7.9.8). Been putting up with this for years, despite upgrading to premium. Come on, folks, we just want it to work like the desktop version. This would seem very easy to implement, and with another settings checkbox if you don't want to change the default behavior. Please? Big fan of EN otherwise. :-)
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