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  1. I'm running Evernote on my laptop, also the app on my Android phone. When I encrypt the text of a note on my laptop it works as it should. But when I open the Evernote app on my phone, the text is still readable. I've tried re-syncing, and also logging out and back in, but the note is still in the clear. Why won't text encryption work on my phone?
  2. Really liking the widget. Makes Evernote even useful to me. More widget sizes would be cool. Alternatively, it would be great if, on the launchers that allow resizing, the widget would "fill in" the enlarged space if a note is long enough to require it. But still, the widget is nice!
  3. I feel like I'm missing something very simple here, but... I just downloaded the widget, and like it very much. But I can't figure out how to edit the buttons at the top of the widget. I'm on a rooted Nook Color, CM7, and I don't need the camera or record buttons as my device doesn't have a camera or microphone. So I tap Settings, then Customize Widget, then Bar Buttons. A list of buttons pops up, and from there I can't figure out what to do. I want to remove the buttons I don't need, but can't figure out how. What am I missing here?
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