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(Archived) HOWTO: Contact a group owner or administrator (Evernote Premium for College promotion)

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I wasn't accepted in the Promotion program because my University has no .edu email addresses.

However, I have downloaded an enrollment verification and want to show it to the admin so that I can benefit from the promotion.


This is what I got:

Your request to join Evernote Premium for College Promotion was denied by the group administrator. Evernote customer support is unable to assist with the group approval process. If you believe this is an error, please contact the group owner or administrator.

- The Evernote team

Does anyone know how to get in contact?

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I also got rejected, but that is because I did not use my .edu email address when I signed up for Evernote. I expected to be able to provide my school address, but there was no place to do so.

I'd love to know how to contact the group owner so I can take advantage of the promotion.

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@pattalus This promotion is only available to people with .edu addresses, not all students. If you do not have an .edu address, you cannot take advantage of the promotion.

@chimericdream You can change the address attached to your Evernote account in your account settings to your .edu address, then attempt to sign up again.

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