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  1. It can go in any of the search groups in LaunchBar's index. I've put mine here: To get to this screen open launchbar and press ⌘⌥I.
  2. Just tried to find out the same thing a by trial and error came to this solution - add this to your search templates: evernote://search/* Source: I'm tweaking my @LaunchBar at the moment. Here's a nice "find": Add "evernote://search/*" to search your local @evernote library. — Patrick Welker (@_patrickwelker) May 9, 2012 For all others that wonder about how to search the web version: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action?login=true&targetUrl=%2FHome.action#x=*
  3. I wasn't accepted in the Promotion program because my University has no .edu email addresses. However, I have downloaded an enrollment verification and want to show it to the admin so that I can benefit from the promotion. https://www.evernote.com/group/en-college-promo/ This is what I got: Does anyone know how to get in contact?
  4. This feature was introduced in Evernote for Mac 3.0.7 Beta 1: This new feature may be convenient for lot of people, but I'll opt for a checkbox in the settings - there is one for clipping, but not for people who just want to sort their notebooks. Here's my workflow: 1. The gathering • I happily clip on the web - most of the times I assign tags and the according notebook directly. • However, I also clip via my iPhone, via GoogleReader and a plethora of other web applications. All these clippings get collected in my default notebook - it's my collection point. 2. The archiving At the end of the week I sort my findings, moving them into notebooks and tagging them upfront. This is a crucial step and the update breaks this workflow because every time I move a note, I end up in another notebook instead of staying in my default notebook. I bet I'm not the only one who is frustrated with this. That's why I vote for this feature being optional and I hope some other users see it the same way.
  5. I'm also in favor of adding the other view options to fullscreen mode - I simply can't work in this mode because the thumbnail view isn't any good for me and what I do. In short: Fullscreen mode = awesome, Fullscreen with only one view (thumbnails) = not useful at all for a lot of your users.
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