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  1. Yes. In the Tags window, click on the popup menu in the upper right and select 'My Tags'. This work for the Tags view, but not for the tag's tree hierarchy at the left side. Any plan to fix this? Seconded. It's well and good to be able to view only my tags on the tag page, but since I (and others, I would wager) use the tag list in the sidebar FAR more than the tag page, this of little help. Can we get filtering for the tags in the left column?
  2. This is definitely needed. I share folders with my wife, co-workers, and my business partner. Having so many people with different tagging methods makes Evernote's tag system almost unusable. We really need to be able to either: a) hide tags from shared notebooks entirely; group tags by "shared" and "mine"; or c) group tags by "mine", "John's", "Amy's", etc.
  3. Any update on this? I can't see all of my saved searches (I have about 50) on the Mac client. Dragging them to the sidebar is not an option, because the search is not visible to click and drag. Seems like a step backward to move such a useful feature and make it so unintuitive.
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