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(Archived) HOWTO: Bulk create tags



In my evernote usage scenario I need to create just shy of 400 unique tags, 1 for each entity we are going to be creating notes for. I am a little shocked not to find .csv import functionality not included with Evernote. After some searching online I see people who have apparently done it with Evernote staff assistance, but the details are never given...

Anyways, sorry I am complaining more than asking, basically I want to know if there's a way to import a big list as individual tags, saving some tedious data entry.

Thank you,

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You can contact Heather and see if she can help you with .csv. I am guessing that the .csv in those cases referred more to the note content themselves, and not to the structure of the tags, so i am not sure they were able to automatically generate a bunch of tags.

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That's a lot of tags, but it should be straightforward to do using AppleScript, largely depending on how you've got it organized. I'd also recommend you check Veritrope first, but feel free to ping me if you like.

Once you have the tags created, if you are using a Mac, I have a bunch of scripts for using tags effectively on my github (link in my signature)

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