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30 Day Fitness Challenge Twitter Party

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Quick reminder that our good friend AnthroChad is hosting a Twitter party today for users to check in after their 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

It's from 6-7 pm PST (9-10 pm ET) and will wrap up the first Evernote 30-Day Fitness Challenge! Great job Chad (and fellow challengers), and looking forward to the discussion!

If you want to join in on the discussion, follow @evernotelife, @anthrophysique, and the hashtag #evernotelife

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I'll be mobile but probably lurking in the background.

As for how well I did, a pretty rough sickness derailed me halfway through. I plan on reupping the challenge near the end of March and continue the habits I was building during the challenge. It doesn't stop there!

Definitely killed the coffee habit though. I've had one drink of it across the entire challenge, whereas I was on a couple cups a day. I kind of miss the jitteriness. Which is apparently not a word.

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I did pretty good - I had to compromise a little bit though. Our exercise room turned out not to have a stair-stepper after all (plus it was always packed) and we don't have any stairs, so I had to get creative and I just tried walking up and down the ramp at low tide a few times extra, with lots of weight, and cut way back on the sugar by using sugar-free syrup in my coffee, keeping lots of fruit around all month, eating sugar-free yogurt for breakfast, and staying away from the sweets. I even got some sugar-free cookies in case I wanted some "dessert".

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i did pretty well.

- more water, less coffee (mainly to get a place in the coffee shop).

- no (?) sugar, except for one day. the problem, of course, is that everything processed seems to have sugar, so maybe i should say i reduced my sugar intake and began avoiding processed stuff whenever possible.

- situps were no problems.

- stairs were sort of difficult, because i had the same problem as heather. i think i will have to figure out an alternative to stairs.

one thing i realized in the challenge is that i really lack aerobic exercise. i am not so interested in situps and stairs, but i see now that i do need to get my heart rate up (stairs and situps don't do this for me unless we are talking many hundreds of both, and i don't really have the time or the interest to do it that way). i was already planning to incorporate more bike riding into my weekly workouts, thanks to the nice weather, but i think i will add a mile of swimming each day as well.

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