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(Archived) Searching on Android


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I've noticed weird behaviour when searching for notes. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or just the way Evernote is meant to work.

If I want to search for my maps of Mountain Bike Trails in Queenstown in Evernote for Windows, I'd type a query like 'tag:"Mtb Trails" Queenstown'.

Using Evernote for Android, I could type in the same query and get the same results, but it's a bit slow to type all the quotes and colon etc.

I've tried typing in 'Mtb', and noticed that it listed all my tags that begin with Mtb, if I pick the Mtb Trails tag, it then lists all notes tagged Mtb Trails and the search bar shows 'Notes tagged Mtb Trails'. If I then want to narrow down the search, I thought I could appending 'Queenstown' to the search bar.

However it then searches for "Notes* tagged* Mtb* Trails* Queenstown*". I don't understand why anyone would want to search for that. I would have expected it to search for 'tag:"Mtb Trails" Queenstown'.

I'm using Evernote for Android beta 230033.

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Also, I've noticed if I search for 'notebook:"General Information" tag:"Mtb Trails"' my search returns results.

If I search for tag:"Mtb Trails" notebook:"General Information" my search returns no results.

However neither https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/535/Using-Evernote-s-advanced-search-operators nor http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm mention anything about order of operators being important.

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notebook: or stack: have to be first in a search.

next comes any:/all:

and finally the rest of the search attributes

I use saved searches to minimize typing on mobile devices.

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This looks like the thread closest to my problem. How do you get saved searches and more complex searches to work in Evernote Android? Saved searches and searches across stacks seem to be arbitrary. For example, I have searches like this:

"Work Action" = stack:WORK tag:@action

"Work Last Week" = stack:WORK updated:week-1

"Work New" = stack:WORK created:day-7

"Work Stale" = stack:WORK -updated:day-7 tag:@action

Now, in my Mac client (and in NixNote/NeverNote on my Linux host), these work as expected. On my android, most return zero results all the time. The only one that seems to work is the "Work Last Week" search.

Am I just missing something here?

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