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  1. I'm reporting today. I'm reporting it as a problem with Evernote Windows, since that's where the behavior manifests for me. I'm going to be clear about the apparent problem with created/updated stamps, and reference this thread.
  2. This is a great question. Notes I create in EN Windows have updated=created. The other notes are notes created other sources: chrome web clipper android IFTTT
  3. I just noticed a difference in search behavior between Macintosh and Windows and and I'd like to know what folks think about this. I have a saved search called "Daily Review." The search is: [updated:day -tag:call] (the call tag is to filter out phone call records, which come in thanks to IFTTT) On Windows this usually shows fewer notes than on Mac. When I look at the note metadata, I see that on Windows, notes only have a modified timestamp if I actually modified them, while on Mac (and Android FWIW), the modified timestamp appears to be assumed equal to the created timestamp. Here's a screenshot from Windows to illustrate: If I didn't have that call tag, I could change my search to [any: created:day updated:day], but adding in the call tag doesn't work: [any: created:day updated:day -tag:call] returns lots that aren't from today, and that's as expected given the search grammar. Any thoughts on how to approach this?
  4. I agree that it appears to be harmless but irritating. (That should be a bug category, sort of like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy re Earth: Mostly Harmless!) I just updated to 6.6 beta 1. The artifact appears gone again. I'll update as I see changes.
  5. So I rechecked my version this morning and I'm running 6.5. Magically, the blank space seen above is gone. I'm not sure when it disappeared, so I'll give credit to the 6.5 update. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. I've had this problem for a while, but finally got annoyed enough to ask about it. I'm currently on the latest beta for Mac, but it's been occurring on many past versions. Have a look at the following screenshot and observe the large blank in the search box to the LEFT of the magnifying-glass icon: This is a saved search I call "Daily Review," that I've placed into my shortcuts sidebar. When I run any saved search from a shortcut, I get the odd blank space you see here. If I run the same saved search from the search box itself, I don't see the blank: the magnifying-glass is at the far left of the search box, as it should be. Normal searches are also fine (since they have to be typed into the search box). Any idea what's up with this odd behavior?
  7. This looks like the thread closest to my problem. How do you get saved searches and more complex searches to work in Evernote Android? Saved searches and searches across stacks seem to be arbitrary. For example, I have searches like this: "Work Action" = stack:WORK tag:@action "Work Last Week" = stack:WORK updated:week-1 "Work New" = stack:WORK created:day-7 "Work Stale" = stack:WORK -updated:day-7 tag:@action Now, in my Mac client (and in NixNote/NeverNote on my Linux host), these work as expected. On my android, most return zero results all the time. The only one that seems to work is the "Work Last Week" search. Am I just missing something here?
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