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  1. Are you able to give examples of how you use stacks/notebooks for projects? What if you had one notebook per project, but the tag hierarchy was shared? Would that work for you?
  2. Tags are presently not shared. In other words, the tag structure of a shared notebook does not proliferate or become suddenly useable within your own tag framework. For good reason, too. You wouldn't want a carefully manicured tag structure upended by someone else's shared notebook. We're working on ways to make tags more useful between sharers, though. I know you are trying to protect us from other people but if all notebooks were treated the same but we were able to put shared notebooks inside a stack then we could choose if we wanted a mangled mess or not. You could start off by saying all users have two stacks, Personal Notebooks Stack and Shared Notebooks Stack. If we chose to put a shared notebook in our stack then we have chose to take their mess. (The main people I want to share with are my wife and my dad, so I trust them with their tag making ability.) If I want to see my carefully carefully manicured tag structure, then I'll choose my Personal Notebooks Stack. If I want to find the information by tag no matter what notebook it's in, then I'd choose All Notes. Instead of using stacks, you could just expand the current "All Notes" to be "All Notes" and "All Personal Notes".
  3. If the reason for disallowing guests from creating tags in to ensure unique id's, evernote could preallocate a bunch (let say 100) tag ids uids when the notebook is shared. Guests could then create up to 100 tags, but then a resync with the notebook owner would be required to refresh the pool of uids. If evernote allowed our guests to rename tags, then we could do the hack ourselves by creating "z spare tag 1" -> "z spare tag 100", then when a guest needed a new tag they just renamed one of the spare tags. This would make sharing in Evernote more usable and fun.
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