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  1. From http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2416266,00.asp "I can confirm that we had been planning to roll out optional two-factor authentication to all of our Evernote users later this year," a company spokeswoman said in an email. "Those plans have now been accelerated." Finally. Great thing about baddies get in sometimes, means the castle gets better walls. Hopefully we'll get features like Recent Logins, Ability to disallow existing app tokens, only specified Countries Allowed, local encryption.
  2. You raise an interesting security issue related to breaches - visibility into when and on what device the last login/synch happened. Facebook has implemented login device recognition. Security improvement at the account level: a log of devices, location when available, and synch times. We might then have a hint that someone in Siberia had accessed our account. I am far more concerned about data safety in EN than for the fluff in FB. Last pass has country lockdown as well, so I can only login from my own country, and countries that I travel to. I have to remember when going travelling to add those extra countries to the list, but it means that someone in Siberia will never access my lastpass, even if they had my password and second factor.
  3. When I saw the title for "quantum leap" functionality, I thought you were asking for evernote to add a feature to the android client so that you could travel back in time, temporarily taking the places of other people to "put right what once went wrong" with the help of a womanizing, cigar-smoking hologram, and then while you are back in time you could save a note in evernote with that date/time stamp. I have a feeling that it would be easier for the development team to add the ability specify the created date/time of the note in the android client without the actual travelling through time part.
  4. The book Total Recall (by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell) has been mentioned several times on the podcast. This book is a great read for any Evernote user, as it talks about how the future will be with e-memory, much of it already available in Evernote. Chapter 10 begins with: "If the world follows my lead, Total Recall will be a very private matter. Encryption will be universal, e-memories will reside in Swiss data banks, and sharing will be careful and limited".
  5. I've had this problem too. I looked at the Evernote Formal Search Specification and I'm not sure if it's possible. I'm not sure if # is a Unicode character classes L or N I also tried searching for a quote using \" (as described in the formal search spec), but couldn't find a note with a title containing a quote.
  6. Actually, locking your Android Gingerbread device doesn't protect your data if it is stolen and you have your USB settings set to 'Mass Storage' (Settings, Wireless and Network, USB Settings on 2.3.3). Android issues 20924,18670,18463, 23900 all mention that the dialog is displayed to allow you to mount the internal SD Card as a USB Drive even when the device is locked. Once you (or the thief) have the drive mounted, can go to \Evernote\notes\ and look around at your offline notebooks. There appears to be one content.enml per note (which is plain text xml), and has refers to any attachments. Attachments are in the same directory with a .dat extension, and can be renamed to .pdf or .jpg as appropriate. (The enml file tells you the type of attachment). Any files that are not manually encrypted are easily viewed. Are you saying that Evernote is more secure than Gmail or even Facebook (when two factor authentication is enabled for each of the services) in the case where your locked device with a decent pin code is stolen? Also, when locking your Android device, it's also not best to use a screen lock "pattern", given the ease of smudge attacks: I've personally tried it with fellow colleagues phones, and just holding the phone on the correct angle to the light has given me a 50% success rate on 4 phones.
  7. What operating system is your desktop computer running. I've seen this problem before on a Macs. My friend had dragged the files to the trash can but hadn't emptied it. The files were being stored in hidden folder on the sd card.
  8. Also, I've noticed if I search for 'notebook:"General Information" tag:"Mtb Trails"' my search returns results. If I search for tag:"Mtb Trails" notebook:"General Information" my search returns no results. However neither https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/535/Using-Evernote-s-advanced-search-operators nor http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm mention anything about order of operators being important.
  9. I've noticed weird behaviour when searching for notes. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or just the way Evernote is meant to work. If I want to search for my maps of Mountain Bike Trails in Queenstown in Evernote for Windows, I'd type a query like 'tag:"Mtb Trails" Queenstown'. Using Evernote for Android, I could type in the same query and get the same results, but it's a bit slow to type all the quotes and colon etc. I've tried typing in 'Mtb', and noticed that it listed all my tags that begin with Mtb, if I pick the Mtb Trails tag, it then lists all notes tagged Mtb Trails and the search bar shows 'Notes tagged Mtb Trails'. If I then want to narrow down the search, I thought I could appending 'Queenstown' to the search bar. However it then searches for "Notes* tagged* Mtb* Trails* Queenstown*". I don't understand why anyone would want to search for that. I would have expected it to search for 'tag:"Mtb Trails" Queenstown'. I'm using Evernote for Android beta 230033.
  10. A handy trick I read today about to remove pages using just a pdf viewer and a pdf printer driver is to reprint your pdf, selecting on the pages you don't want removed. Eg, I have an 8 page document and don't want page 2 or 7, I can just print it to a new PDF with pages 1,3-6,8 selected. Now I have a new pdf with only the pages I want in less steps that the split and merge technique (that you'd use with pdftk or pdfsam).
  11. Why do you waste your time putting the date in the title, when could find your cover letter using the existing search grammer, eg find that cover letter I wrote two years ago sometime in january or february "cover letter created:201001 -created:201203". It seems like alot of overhead per note.
  12. I use the following free tools on Windows. Pdftk (http://www.pdflabs.com/tools/pdftk-the-pdf-toolkit/) for splitting and remerging pdfs. Solves points 1, 3 & 4 in a clunky way but does work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. What free tools do other EN for Windows users use. PDF Xchange Viewer http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer for rotating pages of pdfs. Solves point 2 nicely. Also does annotating and encrypting.
  13. Doesn't your android device support this natively? Both my Samsung Galaxy Tab and my wife's Samsung Galaxy S2 have system wide options in the global menu you pull down from the top (I don't actually know the name of this). My option is called Orientation Lock and her option is called Auto Rotation. Enable my option, or disable her option and we have what you want.
  14. Support for Stacks and Nested Tags and Geolocation everwhere. Advanced Search on Android gives me a flat list of notebooks and tags, instead of a hierarchical list A shared Notebook cannot be put in one of my stacks. I cannot see the nested tags for a shared notebook. I can easily search for notes "near by" on android, but not on Evernote for Windows. It would be awesome to be able to visualize the results of any search on a map. Would be useful to be able to view the nested tags used in a notebook (or any search).
  15. Is it possible to search for notes within a certain distance of my current location? Ideally I"d like to have a saved search that said "within:2km" from a certain notebook. I've looked through the search documentation, but have only found the latitude: longitude: criteria options.
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