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(Archived) SD Card free/empty space issue


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(The other two posts on a similar topic are unresolved, I'm hoping this one gets fresh attention.)

I just started getting the "insufficient space on SDcard" message two days ago. I also get this message with Amazon MP3 downloads.

I have an Evo3D (Android 2.3.4) with a16GB SD card. The SD card currently registers as having a total storage space of 14.83GB and 99.88MB free. The obvious answer would be to delete some stuff off of the SD card and free up >= 100MB so that my Evernote can update.

The problem is that this SD card is nearly empty.

Yesterday I plugged in the phone, mounted the disk drive, and moved all of the music and (most of) the photos from the SD card to my computer's hard drive (deleting them from the SD card). When this did not clear up the desired space, I unmounted the SD card, removed it from the phone and used my card reader to look at it on my computer. I examined all the file-folders on the SD card (and there should only be about 0.34924 GB total on the card), but my computer still registers it as being filled with 14.83GB of stuff.

Has anyone else run into this problem with their SD card? Any fix ideas?

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Try transferring everything you want to keep to a folder on your desktop PC, and then try formatting the SD card through Windows Explorer (or whatever computer uses). Then copy all the backed up materials back onto the SD card.

Admittedly, this is the "nuclear" solution if all else fails.

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Has anyone else run into this problem with their SD card? Any fix ideas?

What operating system is your desktop computer running. I've seen this problem before on a Macs. My friend had dragged the files to the trash can but hadn't emptied it. The files were being stored in hidden folder on the sd card.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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