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(Archived) Feature Request: Reply-to address when sharing by e-mail

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When sharing a note, I'll most often just paste a link to the note, but for some receivers this is not ideal (and in other cases the huge link is impractical*), so I just e-mail the note instead, which is a great alternative.

Catch is: I use my private e-mail address for my Evernote account, so any responses will of course be sent to my private account. This is a problem for work related notes, where I need the responses to go to my work email account. As a workaround, I will e-mail the note from Evernote to my work account and from there, I'll redirect it to the recipient.

So what would be convenient would be an additional field in the email creation dialogue box where I could specify a reply-to address.

I can think of other scenarios where this could be useful - not just the above mentioned example. For instance getting any responses to an Evernote e-mail straight into Evernote could be useful.

* Just make this a double whammy of feature requests: How about built-in URL shortening for links for shared notes. Those things are ug-ly as original sin as is.

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