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(Archived) Problem of renaming a parent tag

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After I renamed a parent tag, all its children tags are gone. I tried to rename it back to original name, still no children tags under the parent tag. I found all the children tag still exist just won't show on tag tree. I search with one of the children tag, the notes are still there. Is that possbile to make all the disappeared tags back on tag tree? There should be a warnning before rename a parent tag.

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Which Evernote client are you using? You will typically get better advice if you post in the forum that is specific to your client. Renaming tags shouldn't cause a problem unless there's a bug, so no warning should be necessary (as long as they fix the bug). If you're not using the web client, you should shut down and then restart your client, then check on the web client to see whether the tags are OK; the web client should show the truth.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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