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(Archived) HELP: Shared notebook not showing up in Mac client but I can see it on the web

Carson Miller


Someone recently shared a notebook with me (to my work email account). Historically, my Evernote account was tied to my personal email account. I have decided to change it over to use my work email - so I made that change in the web client and all seems well. All of my notes are there and I can also see the shared notebook.

Unfortunately, the same is not true on the Mac client (which I use daily, not the web client). I still see all of my own notes, but I don't see the shared notebook.

I really don't have any ideas for troubleshooting - I am hoping someone here might have some good ideas.


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i don't understand what you mean about being tied to your account. if you just changed your email address, that should have no effect, assuming you still log in with whatever username you chose. did you click on the "shared" button at the top of the left-hand window pane in the mac client?

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I agree - changing the email address should not have anything to do with it, but I wanted to include the fact that I did it in case there was somehow a connection.

Yes, when clicking the shared tab in the Mac client there are no shared notebooks. In the web client, I see the shared notebook.

Very strange...

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I encounter the same problem, since yesterday. To be more precise: all the notebooks shared with me have desyncronized and folders are empty on the client, but they are still there on the web version.

I tried re-installing the application, signing out/in but nothing seems to work.

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