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(Archived) Sync Only Specific Notebooks


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sorry if this has been covered. tried searching for it and just couldn't find what I needed.

Is there really no way to say I only want a single (perhaps 2) specific notebooks accessible on my Android tablet?

Right now the thing is syncing a gig worth of thumbnails that I have absolutely no desire to ever use from my tablet. Because of that, I can't get the 5 meg worth of PDFs that would be really useful.

If this isn't a feature request already, how does it become one? Honestly, I have no need, nor desire, to have all of my notebooks everywhere all the time.


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If you have a desktop client for Mac or Windows you can create a Local Notebook that you can store all of your notes in that you do not wish to sync to the servers and view on your Android device. You can then just say create one or two notebooks that are synced to our servers that way you will only see notes that you have in these notebooks on your Android and no note stored in your local notebook. Hope this helps.

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