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(Archived) Request for possibility to have some editing power in a note



My fellow Evernoters,

I would appreciate a lot if there could be a possibility for limited editing a note (besides font choice and size, B, I and U, Style and Alignment.

What I am writing about is: always when I enlarge fonts in a note the distance between written lines almost disappears and words in two neighbouring lines are almost overlapping.

Well, to be precise - is there a possibility to get power of "Spacing", along with Style and Alignment?!

Is there a way to change this existing annoyance of non-existing Spacing into existing Spacing and Indenting?

Thank you.


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formatting in general is a constant headache for me, and spacing in particular is one of life's annoyances for me as well. my guess is that this kind of "basic" formatting is tough to actually implement. i'd like to see a plain text option, but i haven't seen any developers give any hint on the forums that they are interested in providing this functionality.

as it stands now, you can "paste without formatting" and "simplify formatting."

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I think the issue descripted by the OP may be due to how HTML tables are handled during a web clip or a copy/paste from a web page.

I too have often observed that after I clip a web page, and select the entire Note, and increase the font size, then some lines/text will overlap.

I suspect this is caused by HTML tables with fixed height. Normal HTML will adjust the cell height according to the font size.

I don't know if the fixed cell height is in the origial web page HtML, or if this is something added by the Evernote clipper.

REQUEST: It would be most helpful if EN would not add any height/width parameters to HTML tables, and actually remove these parameters and allow the HTML table to "auto-size" according to the size of the text in the table.

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