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(Archived) Feature request: Show stacks in notebook dropdown



When adding or editing a note in the Mac app, the dropdown list of notebooks shows as a flat list with no indication of how the notebooks relate to any stacks you may have set up.

It really needs to show the notebooks grouped by stack, not only for ease of finding the right one, but because without the stacks it actually becomes unusable if you have notebooks with the same name in multiple stacks (unless, as I have done, you append the stack name to the notebook name, which kind of defeats the point of having stacks in the first place.)

(If you're wondering why I need notebooks with the same name in different stacks - I have one stack for each 'topic' I keep notes on, and in each stack I set up a variety of notebooks for specific types of notes under that topic, but also have a 'General' notebook in each stack where notes that don't easily fall into one of the other notebooks reside).

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I never really noticed that because when stacks first came available I set up each notebook with the folder name then notebook name (Computers Dropbox, Computers Evernote, Computers Mac). I did that to make the iOS experience easier and planned to remove the folder name when when stacks get implemented. Maybe I'll rethink that.

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