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(Archived) Any way to find all notes/clippings WITHOUT tags??



Does anyone know how I would go about finding all of the individual notes/web-clippings in all of my various notebooks that currently do not have any tags applied to them (so that I could then do a little housekeeping and begin tagging these items)?


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Thanks for the tip...I'm glad you also posted the answer to the question and not just the suggestions that I search the forums, because I'd already done that repeatedly without success...

I searched for: (not|no|without) +tag* - and just about every variation of that that I could think of...

anyway, again, thanks for your support!

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Wish it was more intuitive, I do.

- yoda

I saved this as a Saved Search (one of my measly 32 -- when is that number increasing?!) and called it (what else?) "No manual category", for old-time's sake.

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