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  1. I have constantly struggled with trying to find a system of organizing all of my Evernote clippings, and I am now convinced that doing so is simply beyond me and I would now like to see if the collective mind can offer some support... I almost exclusively use the Evernote Firefox extension to clip interesting tidbits I come across online. I've got about 2000 clippings in Evernote, including everything from NYTimes articles on health reform; to Mashable articles on social media; to Lifehacker 'Hive Five' posts about one random thing or another... I also use Evernote for non web content such as PDF eBooks, receipts, user manuals, etc... Initial attempt at organization - I created like 25 notebooks to organize everything according to semi-focused topics like Photography, Business, Macintosh, iPhone, Hardware, Software, Humor, Financial, eBooks, Personal, Misc, etc... When I had this many notebooks, I didn't really tag my clippings very regularly (on occasion I would add tags like 'to-read', or 'important', etc...) Using this method, things seemed nothing short of completely disorganized and chaotic, so I've recently opted for a change... Second attempt at organization - I narrowed down the number of notebooks to about 5-7 very broad topics such as Tech, Photography, Business, Reference, Financial, Misc... and then I tried being more thorough and relevant with my tags for each of my clippings by using many of the words that I used for notebooks in my first attempt at organization (i.e. Photography, Business, Macintosh, iPhone, Hardware, Software, Humor, Financial, eBooks, Personal, etc) Using this method, things again seemed nothing short of completely disorganized and chaotic... and this brings me to where I stand today - Lost, and hoping that someone on these forums can help me organize my clippings! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  2. - Switch to 'Note List' view - Sort by the 'Sync' column and export any notes that have a • symbol in that column to .enex format - Once export is complete, move those notes to the trash in Evernote and empty the trash - Then perform a sync operation and it should work properly - Once you've synced again successfully, reimport the notes you just exported, then sync again
  3. I have been doing this for a while by means of entering in my Google Reader Starred Items public feed address at http://www.tabbloid.com, which creates a Newpaper-like PDF version of my RSS feeds on a daily/weekly basis, and I have it configured to email the output to my Evernote email address... Works like a charm! See this link to find out how to make your Google Reader Starred Items feed public - http://www.freewaregenius.com/2008/01/16/how-to-broadcast-your-google-reader-starred-items-to-an-rss-feed-or-widget-on-your-blog
  4. By eventually, do you mean every 24 hours? Is that the amount of time it allows to pass before it will automatically log you out? If so, I have to chime in here and point out that this 24-hour time frame is absolutely ridiculous! For me, and for at least two other people I know who also swear by Evernote, our biggest issue with the WebClipper is the fact that you seemingly have to login constantly...The major benefit of even having a WebClipper is to be able to quickly and easily grab something you see online when you first see it, with as little time required to do so as possible... I also use Google's "Note To Reader" bookmarklet to capture all/part of a web page to my Shared Google Reader Notes, and this virtually never logs you out, especially not within 24 hours...It's fast, it's quick, and in seconds you can be browsing the web again with virtually no interruption...I also use the Firefox extension 'Scrapbook' to capture web pages for offline use, and all I have to do is simply hit a keystroke and in seconds I have an offline copy of whatever I am trying to capture... The obvious issue with both of these alternatives is that I can't easily use them to get offline access to whatever I capture from my iPhone!! My main issue with the WebClipper is that I could most likely capture two web pages with both scrapbook and with Google's note to reader bookmarklet in the time it takes me to capture even a single item with Evernote's WebClipper...try it for yourself...that seems like a pretty solid estimate of the time differences... The WebClipper could be dramatically improved if only the cookie could be changed to keep you logged in much much longer (like a month)...
  5. I am trying it now...I've created an empty Firefox profile with zero extensions installed, other than Evernote...I've logged in to Evernote via the WebClipper and I've clipped a sample page...I respond back once 24 hours has passed and let you know if it is still requiring me to log in again, even though I've checked "remember me"... Thanks!
  6. The Evernote WebClipper clearly has some sort of a bug in it's code, as evidenced by the fact that I am joined by several dozen other people on these forums who have not been able to get the Evernote WebClipper to properly store a cookie (so that when I enter my username and password, and make sure to check "Remember", it will remember me)...The unfortunate fact is, that it simply doesn't remember! If you search these forums for the words ("Firefox" + "Remember"), you will see that there are dozens of other users with the same exact problem...The Evernote admin consistently responds to these people by informing them that they must have somehow altered or changed their cookies settings from the default Firefox configuration...THIS IS NOT THE CASE!! I CAN ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE YOU OF IT!!! Evernote is the one and only Firefox 3 add-on I use (in my collection of about 40+ add-ons) that is unable to store a cookie properly...EVERY SINGLE OTHER THIRD-PARTY FIREFOX EXTENSION, PLUG-IN, BOOKMARKLET, GREASEMONKEY SCRIPT, ETC THAT IN SOME WAY USES A COOKIE, WORKS JUST FINE AND ALWAYS HAS!!... Everything else that utilizes a cookie is able to store that cookie properly so that days and weeks will go by before I have to log-in again...The Evernote WebClipper is guaranteed to require that I log-in over, and over, and over (with approximately a 1-day maximum time frame between logins, regardless of the fact that I may be continually using the WebClipper in this 1-day time-frame)... THIS IS THE ONE MASSIVE ISSUE WITH THIS EXTENSION, AND WITH EVERNOTE AS A WHOLE...THIS PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED FOR THE GOOD OF ALL EVERNOTE USERS that use the WebClipper!!! PLEASE, admin, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....FIX THIS ISSUE ONCE AND FOR ALL! I look forward to a resolution, if you can manage...Thanks! Micah Diamond ----------------------------------- #### SYSTEM INFORMATION #### -- MacPro 2x3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon -- 16GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM -- Leopard OS X 10.5.5 -- Evernote WebClipper -- Firefox 3.0.4 -----------------------------------
  7. I have a persistent Google Alert search setup that emails me whenever anything new shows up on the net with my name on/in it...I just got an email today which had a link to one of my Evernote notes that contained my full name within the note...In other words, I had no idea that my evernote notes were available to online for the whole world to see and have access to?? Is this correct?? Is there anyway to switch this off and somehow turn off the 'Hello World' discoverablility of my evernote notes so that only people who know my evernote password can access my notes? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the tip...I'm glad you also posted the answer to the question and not just the suggestions that I search the forums, because I'd already done that repeatedly without success... I searched for: (not|no|without) +tag* - and just about every variation of that that I could think of... anyway, again, thanks for your support!
  9. Yes, although this depends on how well the origin follows the various email encoding standards. Can you be more specific as far as which "standards" have to be met in order for an item I've sent to my evernote email address via email to be accepted by evernote? I've setup feedburner to send my evernote email address my Google Reader Shared/Starred Items feed (aggregate of the two feeds using Yahoo! Pipes), but for some reason it's not making it through, and I get a no-reply automated message from evernote saying: Email Subject: Evernote message: Emailed note was not submitted Email Body: Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason: Emailed note was received, but was rejected due to problems with the note itself, or your account. As far as the "standards" you've mentioned...its sent in just about the most standard way possible, and I am able to receive the email using about half a dozen different email programs and also at a number of different email addresses, though its not being accepted by evernote... What exactly are evernote's "Standards" for receiving email?
  10. Does anyone know how I would go about finding all of the individual notes/web-clippings in all of my various notebooks that currently do not have any tags applied to them (so that I could then do a little housekeeping and begin tagging these items)? Thanks!
  11. I've now opted to use Feedburner for the purpose of emailing me my Google Reader Shared Items RSS Feed Content, and Feedburner is the defacto standard in the blog world... I hope it works, or else I've reached the end of this little endeavor...
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, but I am hoping to be able to get full-text RSS updates sent to me so that basically anything I starred/shared in Google Reader I would then have access to locally via Evernote (even when I am offline and unable to double-click to view the original item)... I setup a free account with FeedBlitz and set it up to email me updates for my shared Google Reader Items, and I received the email in my Gmail account (and I had a Gmail Filter pre-configured to forward Feedblitz' emails to my Evernote email address), and the email I received from Feedblitz looked absolutely perfect in my Gmail web interface, but the copy that was forwarded onto my Evernote email address did not contain any of the images that it should have (just empty square placeholders where the images were supposed to appear)?? Does anyone know if Evernote's email feature is able to properly receive/render emails with images inside of the email body (HTML formatted emails)?
  13. I think this might do it, but its a paid service... http://www.feedblitz.com/newsletter/solution.asp
  14. That's a clever workaround suggestions, and there are several services that do this, but I don't think there are any that will send the full text feed via email, instead they just send a feed item Title with a clickable link... Here are some examples: http://lifehacker.com/search/rss%20email/ Anyone know of such a service that will email fulltext rss??
  15. I don't suppose anyone has figured out a way to import all of your starred and/or shared items from Google Reader into Evernote, have they? The absolute best way to do this that I can think of would be to somehow add the capability to Evernote to add an RSS feed as its own Notebook (which, in my case would be my Google Reader Shared & Starred Items feeds), and upon doing so, Evernote would automatically import each item in the feed as an individual clipping entry and it would then be able to stay updated with newly shared/starred items as they are added... How about a way in which I can somehow automatically import all of the web clippings I've captured over the years with the "Scrapbook" Firefox Extension? Now that Evernote Beta is available, and there's a Macintosh Client and an iPhone client available as well, Evernote is bound to be seeing a whole bunch of new users in the near future, and it would be fantastic if the developers would work on a few automated ways of importing pre-existing data into Evernote that people have captured over the years using their chosen alternative web clipping apps (chipmarks, scrapbook, google reader, etc...). I don't suppose this is one the agenda, is it? If anyone does know of a script of some sort, or some other way that would assist in importing Google Reader sharred/starred items, please do tell... Thanks!
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