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(Archived) Bug: Chrome Web Clipper clips articles twice


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Hi. Apologies if this has already been covered.

I use the webclipper on Chrome on two different machines, both OS X Snow Leopard, and often pages are clipped twice (which means half of my web storage space is wasted).

This happens always when I press 'enter' to clip, and only sometimes when I click on the "clip full page / article / url" with the mouse.

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I am using Windows and I am having this problem with the Chrome web clipper as well. I have never pressed "enter" to clip a page while using Chrome extension, so I don't know about that. But while clipping with mouse, some pages do get clipped twice. This especially happens when the size of the page is big like 1 mb or above.

Initially I did not pay much attention to this problem and simply kept on deleting all the duplicate clips but now I realized that if the web extension keeps clipping my notes twice that means it will also upload those notes twice. Hence, I will end up unnecessarily wasting my monthly upload allowance.

Here is a screenshot depicting an example of when the web clipper clips an article twice-


I kind of know in advance when this is going to happen because the clipper usually takes a long time to clip when it creates two copies of something. In this case, it took more than two minutes for the web clipper to clip this article from CNET. Then when I went to my account to check the clip, there were two copies of it.

Any idea when this bug is going to be solved? Should I open a support inquiry regarding this? Any help would be appreciated.

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